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Boost your online sales with conversion rate optimization

We help businesses to expand their customer base and generate more profits by optimizing their website, landing pages, acquisition funnels, and marketing operations.

Turn more website visitors into paying customers with our 100% data-driven services.

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Grow your business with conversion rate optimization.
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Analyze your business ● Optimize your website, landing pages, product ● Drive results

Analyze your business. Optimize your website. Drive results.
By using our services, you can:
  • Increase revenue without spending more on advertising
  • Pinpoint and remove the roadblocks which stops visitors converting
  • Know which website elements are conversion killers
  • Optimize the customer journey from initial click to final sale

Our conversion optimization services will create you tons of value

landing page optimization

Website / landing page optimization

We extensively analyze and test your existing pages so that you get long-lasting results.

landing page makeover

Website / landing page makeover

Drive more visitors down the sales funnel and increase conversions with a total makeover of your pages.

form optimization

Lead generation / form optimization

Do you get the most out of your lead gen pages? Let's decrease your cost per lead.

ecommerce optimization

E-commerce / shopping cart

The average shopping cart abandonment rate varies between 60% and 80%. We'll help you reduce yours.

banner optimization

Banner optimization

Boost your advertising ROI with our advanced, smart algorithms designed to optimize banner performance.

PPC / SEO optimization

PPC / SEO optimization

A bigger advertising spend means more money, right? Wrong. Optimization is key.

user-flow optimization

User-flow optimization

Let us be a fresh pair of eyes on your customer journey; we'll pinpoint ways to improve user flow and increase conversions.

Infrastructure and systems

Infrastructure & systems

Web analytics, advanced tracking solutions, CRM integration, CRO tools, page speed improvement... we've got all areas covered with our complete technical support.

All of our services include


“When we double your conversion rate with a new, high-converting landing page, you cut your cost per acquisition in half.”

Nico Fonce, founder

Corinne Giladi

“I worked with Fonic extensively and as a result we are more equipped to optimize our acquisition efforts than ever before. I highly recommend them for any company trying to advance their online/lead gen efforts.”

Motti Dermer

“On a high budget PPC landing page Fonic increased registrations with a mind-blowing 420% and deposits with 220%. This skyrocketed campaign ROI, a campaign that ran succesfully for a full year.”

How it works: our process

Analyze your online business

1. Analyze everything

Build hypotheses; alternatives pages to test

2. Build alternatives

Run experiments, A/B split tests

3. Run experiments

Increase conversions and growth

4. Find growth

We work according to a strict framework which consists of systematic, fully data-driven processes. We don't do things based on subjective opinions - every change we make is based on fact - and we always focus on your bottom line and business goals.
We gather insights, mine tons of data, analyze statistics, develop conversion-boosting solutions and eventually put our theory into practice by running scientific split tests to make sure every one of our changes has a successful impact.

Shoot-from-the-hip guesswork isn't our cup of tea. You, as a business owner, get risk-free, guaranteed results every time. The evidence is in our split tests; the proof is in the numbers.

* The following step-by-step process illustrates how we approach most projects. Every company has different challenges so your specific needs may differ.

Step 1: build the roadmap

Which part of your business is underperforming and why? Where is your biggest potential for growth? How is your acquisition organized? How do you measure success? What are your short & long-term goals?

In this first step we learn about your business, understand your aims and build a roadmap to understand where we are and what we would like to achieve. When the scope is defined we shake hands on a strategy and get started.

Step 2: understand your audience, product and market place

Who are your ideal customers? What compels them to buy? What are their pains? What stops them from converting? What are the USPs of your business? Where do you differentiate from your competitors?

In this critical step we focus on the data, gather information and gain insights into your business, audience and market. We learn about your products or services, talk to your key people, perform customer surveys, investigate your competitors and analyze your traffic, analytics and website. This valuable knowledge helps us to establish which areas are underperforming and start creating solutions.

Step 3: build solutions

With valuable data at their fingertips, our analysts are ready to map out all potential conversion bottlenecks and create a series of hypotheses. We'll plan and test a series of experiments which we believe will boost performance. We prioritize each test based on potential uplift, importance, and ease of implementation.

We provide the deliverables in a detailed report and we can even take on all heavy lifting and provide a complete page design and/or a ready-to-publish page with HTML, CSS and JS (we just can't deal with your CMS directly). We work only with the finest designers and developers so you can rest assured that you'll receive the highest quality work; that's a promise.

Step 4: set/check your environment

Do you already have split testing capabilities? Do you have proper tracking in place? Is your web analytics configured correctly? Are there other issues we need to look at before we can move forward?

Our engineers are ready to help with the implementation of a split testing tool - typically Visual Website Optimizer - on your site. We make sure that everything is tracked correctly and integrate your web analytics. With the correct environment in place, we're then ready for professional split testing and in-depth analysis.

Step 5: test, test, test

What follows is extensive, professional A/B testing, typically for a minimum period of three months. This is the moment where we scientifically establish what's working, and where you'll begin to see better conversions. We can't guarantee every single test will be a winner - no one can - but we can guarantee that there's only one way conversions and profits are going, and that's up!

All testing is done with professional tools and according to the appropriate rules of scientific split testing. We run tests for as long as we need for thorough results and strive for a 99% statistical confidence level. Our tests focus on your real business goals and always rule out potential false results.

Step 6: extend learning, maximize impact

Testing brings highly valuable business insights, especially for companies where conversion rate optimization is a new venture or needs improvement. Now you can really maximize the impact on your bottom line by extending the successes of our proven solutions across other media and pages.

For each experiment, you get a detailed report with our findings. You'll know exactly what was tested and what was learned, and you'll understand how you can replicate the results across other media and acquisition channels.

The ROI of Conversion Optimization

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Do you see what an increase of only 1% in conversion rate means to your business? How does 2% sound? Or even 5%?
Although we can't know your potential conversion uplift until we get started, we can tell you that ANY business which has not yet undergone conversion rate optimization can expect to see a double-figure number, or more, after successfully optimizing their site.
Driving traffic - particularly paid traffic - to a non-optimized website is like leaving money on the table.

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